PCB Piezotronics high sensitivity ICP® accelerometers

Model 352B
High resolution,
ceramic shear ICP®
 1000 mV/g, 2 to 10k Hz
Model 355B04
High sensitivity, ceramic
shear ICP®, ring-style
1 V/g, 1 to 10k Hz
Model 393A03
Seismic, ceramic
shear ICP®
1 V/g, 0.5 to 2k Hz
Model 393B04
Seismic, miniature ceramic
flexural ICP®
1 V/g, 0.06 to 450 Hz
Model 393B05
Seismic, miniature ceramic
shear ICP®
10 V/g, 0.6 to 450 Hz
Model 393B12
Seismic, high sensitivity
ceramic shear ICP®
10 V/g, 0.15 to 1k Hz
Model 393B31
Seismic, high sensitivity
ceramic flexural ICP®
10 V/g, 0.1 to 200 Hz
Model 393C
Seismic, general purpose
quartz comp. ICP®
1 V/g, 0.025 to 800 Hz
Monteringstilbehør for

• Building Vibration Monitoring
• Earthquake Detection
• Structural Testing of Bridges
                           • Floor Vibration Monitoring
• Geological Formation Studies
• Foundation Vibration Monitoring

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