Sherborne Sensors ADW15 strain gauge transducer indicator

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  • Variable gain strain gauge transducer sensitivity from 0.5 to 200mV/V
  • Fully programmable via keypad and comms port
  • 4½ digit high resolution
  • Excitation compensation
  • 10V @ 150mA excitation to drive up to 4 x350 ohm strain gauge transducers
  • 100mS sampling rate
  • Isolated inputs and outputs
  • Auto calibration
  • High noise immunity
  • Peak hold
  • Auto zero
  • Isolated inputs and output
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Type    Strain gauge transducer indicator
- Sensitivity Preset via DIL switches between 0.5 to 200mV/V
- Accuracy 90 days ± 0.08% of reading ± 0.05% of FS typical
- Drift 0.002%ºC typical @ 2.5mV/V
Controls 4 membrane panel keys with tactile feedback
1 scroll key to view/update parameter
1 digit select key
1 digit increment key
1 reset key
Keypad disable by internal links behind front panel
Hold function by digit select key when in input mode
Data retention 10 years for set up values, minimum of 100,000 write cycles
Temperature range -10°C ... +50°C
Supply voltage 220V-230V AC 50-60Hz 10W
110V-120V AC 50-60Hz 10W
9-32V DC 10W isolated
Application Suitable for a multitude of force and pressure transducer applications throughout science, technology and industry
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Kontakt Hydex vedrørende Sherborne Sensors ADW15 strain gauge transducer indicator

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