Sherborne Sensors DTI digital tilt indicator

Sherborne Sensors tilbehør 
  • Front panel conforms to IP65 (NEMA 4)
  • Flat, slightly recessed display, together with high-brightness red LED’s ensures maximum visibility in difficult lighting conditions
  • Universal Power Input 90 – 265VAC, 50/60Hz allows world-wide usage
  • Full set-up via front panel buttons through a simple, password protected menu
  • Complies with European Electromagnetic Compatibility and Safety Directives
  • Four software alarms and two alarm relays
  • RS422/485 Interface
  • Analog voltage output
  • Advanced mathematical functions
Kontakt Hydex vedrørende Sherborne Sensors DTI digital tilt indicator

Type    Digital tilt  indicator
Accuracy 0.05% of reading (Typically 0.02%)
Display 14.2mm high brightness red LED
Range: –19999 to 99999
Serial communication RS422/485 2 or 4 wire multidrop
Sealing Front Panel: Protection to IP65 (NEMA4)
Temperature range +10°C ... +50°C
Supply voltage 90 to 265 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Application Can be implemented into simple, measurement-only applications, as well as those requiring digital communications, alarms and maths functions
Available either individually, or as a fully calibrated tilt measurement system with an inclinometer
Suitable for use with Sherborne Sensors gravity referenced inclinometers, as well as other manufacturers’ products
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Kontakt Hydex vedrørende Sherborne Sensors DTI digital tilt indicator

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