MTS Temposonics® GBS position sensors

MTS Industrial sensors
  • High pressure resistant sensor rod
  • High operating temperature up to 100 °C
  • Flat & compact – ideal for the valve market
  • Communication via Bluetooth wireless technology
Kontakt Hydex vedrørende MTS Temposonics® GBS position sensors

Type    Magnetostrictive position sensor
Measuring variable Position
Output Voltage: 0…10 VDC and 10…0 VDC (min. load controller: > 5 kOhms)
Current: 4(0)…20 mA or 20…4(0) mA (min./max. load: 0/500 Ohms)
Stroke length 25-3250 mm
Resolution 16 bit (minimum 1 μm)
Positions Multi-position
Feature ---
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Kontakt Hydex vedrørende MTS Temposonics® GBS position sensors

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